M E N U 

flavors rotate seasonally 

| custom flavors available upon request |

| allergy-friendly substitutions available for an upcharge |



Vanilla Rose

Vanilla bean butter cake, rose syrup, rosewater buttercream


Salted Caramel

Chocolate cake, salted caramel, sea salt



Coconut cake, coconut cream



Carrot cake, cream cheese filling, toasted pecan


Pancakes & Bacon

Pan seared buttermilk cake, salted maple buttercream, candied bacon

Gluten Free Spiced Orange Cake

Almond cake with orange zest and cinnamon



Brown Butter Hazelnut

Brown butter cake, chocolate French buttercream, toasted hazelnuts

Olive Oil and Citrus

Olive oil cake, blood orange curd

Sparkling Cranberry

Pink champagne cake, cranberry jam

Chocolate Peppermint

Chocolate mud cake, whipped white chocolate peppermint ganache


-Number of slices calculated as catered slices (1x2")

-Prices are base rates and vary depending on the complexity of your custom design.

-Please contact me for detailed pricing of cakes and other desserts.

6" - $45+ (16 slices)

8" - $70+ (25 slices)

10"- $115+ (40 slices)

Tiered cakes- Starting at $250

Cupcakes or CakeCups - $30 per dozen

                                                                                         $15 per half dozen

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